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Fri, 19 May 2017 15:29:21 +0000

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    How your lens will capture your portraits. anything above 50mm is best for portraiture. #photographytips #photographers

    Tips for taking product photos: Good way to market things to sell even!!!

    Aperture stitch for food photography

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    Spiekbriefje compositie

    Images above: 400mm; 1/30 sec; f/13; ISO 100; Manual Mode This morning I took my first moon images seen above. Knowing the harvest moon awaited and making the most of my insomnia at 4:30 AM, I donned...

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    What is exposure compensation? If you’re new to photography or have moved beyond your auto modes, this clunky photographic term might sound a bit confusing. but rest assured, it’s not, and this photography cheat sheet should help clear this up.

    Happy Nature Photography Day! Check out these wildflower photo tips by Michael D-L Jordan. http://dlpphoto.com

    Basiskennis Fotografie: Uitleg over sluitertijd (via Vink Academy - Fotografielessen van Laura Vink):

    simple trick :: shaped Bokeh .....I hope this really work because that looks awesome. Props to whoever figured this out!

    Find out how to determine compatibility with your camera. How to decide the focal length, aperture and image stabilization that is right for you. This article also covers common shooting scenarios like portraits, landscapes, indoor photography and nature