Kristi DeRoche

Mon, 25 Jul 2016 00:42:33 +0000

Awesome Meet The Teacher newsletter to hand out at Open House or during the first days of school! Super cute and editable!!

    Information Pamphlet for Open House! Great for Meet the Teacher, Open House, and/or Back to School Night! Provide this cool info pamphlet for parents! This product is completely EDITABLE so just type in the information you would like to share with parents during Open House! Sample text included to help give you ideas on what to feature.

    First day of school activity! Tell us about your summer. Where did you go? Who did you meet? #preschool #efl #education (repinned by Super Simple Songs)

    Back to School: Getting to Know Your Students

    Chatty class? Blurt beans will save your sanity! Complete directions for how to implement this positive behavior management system in your class tomorrow!

    Read this blog post filled with tips and advice for parent-teacher conferences and grab this free template!

    Classroom Job organizer

    Editable Classroom Labels

    Meet the Teacher Editable Template for FREE!

    I have been doing this on the first day for the past few years and it is ALWAYS A HIT! If you tech in a special ed setting, regardless of the grade you teach, there are some great ideas here that can be adapted to older students as well. Read more at:

    This editable flip book is an easy way to get important information to parents for Meet the Teacher or Parent Night at the beginning of the school year. Put a magnet on the back for a quick reference parents can hang on the fridge!

    EMERGENCY CONTACT... For years I fumbled with folders, papers, files, but nothing has ever been simpler! I absolutely love having my emergency contact cards (double sided) with all the emergency information you need on ONE RING! I keep this ring in my emergency bag that goes with us on each trip and/or drill. On this card (found as a freebie below) you have child's name, birthday, address, numbers, pickup, and contacts all in one spot!

    25 Brilliant Dollar Store Tricks For Teachers