Dee Willey

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:45:06 +0000

Spoon marbles into a plastic bottle with out using fingers!


    Transfer cotton balls from one bowl to another with chopsticks. New cool idea for working on fine motor muscles and hand eye coordination. Easy to set up and mess-free. Read more at: www.playbasedlear...

    motricité fine

    Sorting and counting bottles for maths and fine motor play.

    Fine motor sewing

    A great way to teach pattern as well as fine motor skills!

    Esta idea potencia el aprendizaje: Establecer al explorar objetos de su interés, distintas relaciones de agrupación, comparación, orden y correspondencia. (Mineduc, 2001,84)

    An Easy DIY Geoboard for Kids: Just using an old cork pot holder, the kids are able to make their own pin designs with this simple geoboard {from An Everyday Story}

    Ecco un'attività per insegnare il controllo del comportamento e la gestione di sequenze. L'evidenza logica, la capacità di utilizzo del comportamento sommativo e comparativo sono funzioni cognitive di #feuerstein sollecitate da queste attività particolarmente creative. Impara ad imparare. #sviluppocognitivo #adhd

    Pesca tapones. Ayuda a la sicomitricidad

    Marble Balance Game .... Fine motor skill activity using a tub of sand, golf tees and marbles. Children stick golf tees into sand and try to balance marbles onto top of the tees.

    School Time Snippets: Pony Bead Rainbow Pattern Fine Motor Activity. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.

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