Amy Allen

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:55:58 +0000

Awesome Cat Furniture Design Ideas For Crazy Cat People

    Gimnasio para gatos tipo casa en el arbol

    Art On Sun: Amazing cat furniture will have your cat climbing the walls and ceiling

    Gatos amam casinhas suspensas. E com uma assim ele pode se sentir seguro e muito muito preguiçoso. Fácil de fazer! (Keila Horta)

    Repurpose your old litter box as a cat grass patch! Fill with feline-friendly plants like catnip or most grasses...

    Cat patio without appearing to have gone 100% full crazy cat lady

    Xerxes walking up, talking up on our cats wheel #holindesign

    Cat Transit System - I'd use plastic instead, with scratching stations along the way up. Paint the PVC pipe to fit.

    I built a cat tower that fits on a corner

    Cat Tower Workstation Concept - DeskElements

    The hanging basket is beautiful! Only I think my cat would eat through the strings holding it up...

    Make your own DIY cat puzzles