Diane Costello

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 12:18:29 +0000

Top 35 Dating Humor Quotes

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    I don't mean to be but you know I might be sometimes. Promise I'm not crazy though.

    He has always been my balance and I am hearing from family, lately, I am the only girl to be able to calm him. It is rewarding to have a relationship where the other person makes you want to better yourself every single day.

    Dating Rules for our son and daughters. Dating Rules that really everyone should live by if we want a better world for our kids. If eve...

    And that concussion you had from it....lingers to this day doesn't it. Must have permanently twisted your brain waves into a sinusoidal cyclone. ;)

    The greatest

    I'll take this BS any day....breakfast and sex....lmao!!!

    god knows this makes me cringe with the overuse of afternoon and morning