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Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:45:01 +0000

Hello Literacy: Observing, Describing & Inferring with {Picture of the Day}: Reading Photos "Closely"

    Hello Literacy: Observing, Describing & Inferring with {Picture of the Day}: Reading Photos "Closely"

    Making inferences, not predictions. Love the distinction and the sentence stems to get the kids practicing! by tonya

    reading strategy checklist

    prefix reference posters- easy to read. Perfect to display during your word studies! So many other great ideas for teaching prefixes in this post as well.

    Super Teacher Worksheets has printable cause and effect worksheets. Check out this worksheet where students can play a matching game while learning the relationship between cause and effect!

    Why I love the book Strategies That Work and FREE posters for your classroom!

    Book Mosaic Project FREEBIE. This Book Mosaic Project is an excellent culminating activity or summative assessment for when students finish reading books. My Talented and Gifted kids are going to LOVE this!

    Plot Anchor Chart- This blog post about using a picture book to reinforce plot elements contains a freebie!

    Reading Logs: Keep your students engaged during reading! These Reading Comprehension Logs are perfect to use Monthly, Weekly, for every month of the school year! You will LOVE this alternative to the traditional reading log. This keeps your students accountable and engaged in their reading. This resource provides a variety of differentiated logs targeting different Comprehension Skills.This Accountable Reading Logs Activity Packet is perfect for students in 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade.

    Comprehension strategies

    Awesome graphic organizer! Students add what they know to details from the text to make an inference or prediction. One of dozens of printables in Graphic Organizers for Reading $ #LauraCandler

    Other ways to say basic words...(and 10 other Life Hacks)