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Around 2 to 6 months of age, eczema will affect 20 percent of infants. If your baby is itchy and irritated, these six trusty eczema treatments are sure to help soothe his skin.

    10 Reasons Why Babies Don't Sleep.... - Mummyology

    We did it!  At 10 months actual age and 7 months corrected, our little preemie babe born at 27 weeks is sitting up independently!  It took some time obviously, but my goodness – is being able to sit up ever a game changer!  And not only for him and his play either…  For me too-…

    Free Printable: 32 Tips for Moms With Young Children

    @Angelle Gallers... if you have another baby, someone needs to make you one of these. :)


    Copycat - copy what your baby is doing or try to get your baby to copy you. Open your mouth, touch your ear, wave, nod, anything!

    Every Mom of Boys needs to read this, especially #2!

    Try these fun and educational sensory play activities with your baby and toddler. They are taste-safe and don’t pose a choking hazard, and fun enough for the older kids to join in the fun.

    16 Winter Kids Crafts for Kids. Choose from a selection of Winter animals, to snowy Winter trees and gorgeous snowflake art projects for kids to make this season.

    According to the FDA, store bought teething gels can be fatal if given to children under two. Here’s a cheap, easy, completely natural alternative that has proven just as effective in controlled studies.