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Top 10 House Plants for Clean Indoor Air | The Healthy Home Economist | The Healthy Home Economist

    I need plants both outdoors and indoors.

    You love spending time outside in your yard, but not so much with mosquitos for company. Bug spray helps, but there are also a bunch of plants that act as a natural bug repellant that’ll keep those pests from buzzing around. Head over to eBay and discover ten plants that keep mosquitos away and smell wonderful.

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    The Herb Growing Cheat Sheet #infographic #Herbs #Gardening

    Keep you home feeling Fresh with these air purifying House Plants. Create your healthy life with BodyRock.

    Never question how much sunlight your spider plant needs again.

    How can homeowners improve their indoor air quality? Air cleaners and purifiers can remove particulates from the air and reduce harmful contaminants. Discover more steps for improving indoor air quality on this infographic from an air conditioning team in Utah County.

    Why Your Home Needs Indoor Plants More Than You Think Infographic

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    Find out best large indoor plants for your home or office. Tall houseplants look fascinating and create the illusion of enlarged interior.

    18 Houseplants That Naturally Purify The Air You Breathe

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    Indoor air can he up to 7x more polluted than outdoor air... Grow your own fresh air with these natural purifiers - houseplants! Health and home.

    Infographic of easy to grow houseplants and simple tips for caring for them: fiddle leaf fig, spider plant, pothos, philodendron, english ivy, snake plant, jade

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    The Low Maintenance Houseplants That Fight Hidden Air Pollution - mindbodygreen.com

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    You don't need a huge space to grow delicious and nutritious herbs and veggies. Learn how to optimize your urban dwelling with low-maintenance, indoor edibles!

    INFOGRAPHIC: Low Maintenance House Plants That Purify the Air

    How to Build a Terrarium — fun, kid-friendly DIY garden project! Not to mention, incredibly low-maintenance.:

    SoulFlower Top 10 Oxygen Producing Houseplants | Soul Flower Blog

    Many of us spend most of our time indoors, so it’s important to cultivate a space that’s a healthy one. A simple—and beautiful—way to do this is through houseplants; they add some green to your home while being an effective way to purify the air. NASA hardly seems like the organization that would give us insight into these types of plants, but in the late 1980s, the US government agency collaborated with the Associated Contractors of America (ALCA) to come up with a list of the most beneficia...

    How To Make A Terrarium Quickly And Easily | The WHOot