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Flexible seating

    Flexible Seating

    The Creative Colorful Classroom: Flexible Seating

    Principal: Growth Mindset Is Making a Difference at Munford Elementary | Blog | Alabama Best Practices Center

    Are you interested in starting flexible seating, or have you started and feel that you still need more options? Invite parents to join in on the fun! This flexible seating letter is what I used for my classroom. It met my classroom needs, and my hope is that it can meet yours.

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    Information Pamphlet for Open House! Great for Meet the Teacher, Open House, and/or Back to School Night! Provide this cool info pamphlet for parents! This product is completely EDITABLE so just type in the information you would like to share with parents during Open House! Sample text included to help give you ideas on what to feature.

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    Flexible Seating Anchor Chart - Use this quote when you use alternate or flexible seating in the elementary classroom. Students in Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade will all be able to understand and respect this decision when the teacher goes through it effectively!

    The Why As soon as I heard about flexible seating (a.k.a. alternative seating) I knew I wanted to give it a try! I’m thril...

    Meghan Snable can confidently say that flexible seating has been a success for her class. "I can't imagine going back to traditional seating."