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Fri, 31 Jul 2015 11:05:05 +0000

Lavender Hill Farms, Boyne City, Michigan

    Autumn Farm.....

    Country living - didn't appreciate it as a kid growing up but would love to live there now. #country #countrygirl

    Beautiful Farm

    Christmas Winter Scenes | Snowy Red Barn..... | Winter/Christmas Scenes

    Dairyland Summer Sunset-Farm by Steven R. Kozar  |  Wild Wings

    Stevie Barrett grew up on a farm in Oregon with her mother and her grandparents. "Grandma was willed our farm from her parents who got the land from her maternal grandparents, who got the land and a crumbled down barn and farmhouse, from her maternal great grandparents, pioneers to Oregon." None of the ancestors could have predicted what happened next.

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    You know that bittersweet subtlety that only exists on an autumn mid-morning? That impossible-to-pinpoint scent that rides on the new crispness in the breeze? Does it tug nostalgically on your heartstrings like it does on mine?

    "The Dirt Road" by Sawyer Brown. Some Lyrics: Daddy worked hard for his dollar He said some folks don't-but that's ok They won't know which road to follow Because an easy street might lead you astray I'll take the dirt road-it's all I know I've been walking it for years It's gone where I need to go Oh it ain't easy-it ain't supposed to be So I'll take my time And life won't pass me by Cause it's right there to find, On the dirt road

    Country ....