Linda-Lee Earle

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:58:36 +0000

If you fancy a unique homes that opens up to the freshness of the sea and filters in a natural ambiance, then this unique home might just be the deal breaker for you.


    Would love to live here in the winter!

    Log Cabins

    outdoor fireplace

    Owings House, Mark Mills & Nathaniel Owings, Architects 1957

    The Groundfridge will store as much as 20 refrigerators underground without using electricity.:

    Awesome houses are just awesome

    Amazing pools

    Will Beckers, alias The Willowman [], creates willow sculptures in which he lives. The hamlet of willow sculptures in woodland in Venlo, Netherlands is a tangible lesson in cradle to cradle living where people visit, particularly children, to help build the hamlet and write messages about their wishes for nature. You can add this picture to your Pinterest collection via and find out more about Will's work and Cradle to Cradle living

    Half-hidden by dense vegetation, this modern cabin is tucked into a rocky Norwegian coastline. It is a 323 sq ft studio design with a sleeping loft suspended from the ceiling. |

    These photos will make you move to the woods and become a chillwave druid.