Linda-Lee Earle

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:58:36 +0000

If you fancy a unique homes that opens up to the freshness of the sea and filters in a natural ambiance, then this unique home might just be the deal breaker for you.

    The Gypsy Junker, a tiny shelter with a clear roof by Derek Diedricksen. Link goes to top level; search on "Gypsy Junker" on top left search bar. Tons of great Tiny Homes

    A perfect place to watch the snow come down

    Tiny House on a Tree and Stilts

    Maybe not quite a tree house, but still a ridiculously cool idea! Join us in making your childhood dream a reality at

    Will Beckers, alias The Willowman [], creates willow sculptures in which he lives. The hamlet of willow sculptures in woodland in Venlo, Netherlands is a tangible lesson in cradle to cradle living where people visit, particularly children, to help build the hamlet and write messages about their wishes for nature. You can add this picture to your Pinterest collection via and find out more about Will's work and Cradle to Cradle living

    Thailand More More

    Deakin University Regional Community Health Hub [REACH] / DesignInc

    Beautifulo Lake Tent | See More Pictures

    Mostly cool stuff but amused to see our IKEA cupboard on there ;)

    Decoracion Hogar - Comunidad - Google+

    Magical time to be spent