Linda-Lee Earle

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:58:36 +0000

If you fancy a unique homes that opens up to the freshness of the sea and filters in a natural ambiance, then this unique home might just be the deal breaker for you.

    The Gypsy Junker, a tiny shelter with a clear roof by Derek Diedricksen. Link goes to top level; search on "Gypsy Junker" on top left search bar. Tons of great Tiny Homes

    Tiny House on a Tree and Stilts: Best Treehouse Ever? | Tiny House Pins

    What a pool

    You can never have too much of a good thing with this collection of classic neutral paint colors from BEHR. Embrace “Greige,” a mixture of gray and beige, in your home and see what a fresh coat of paint can do for you. The experts at BEHR can help you choose from thousands of high-quality paint colors to create a palette that perfectly reflects your unique sense of style.

    love the look of this tiny house

    ginandbird: bonfirebeachkids

    Veterans Community Project is raffling this home to raise funds for Kansas City’s Veterans Village. All proceeds from the raffle directly contribute to their mission to end Veteran homelessness. The home was built through a collaboration between Veterans Community Project and Zack Giffin (co-host of Tiny House Nation) and sponsored by Honeywell.

    I want this in my backyard a couple acres away from my dream house! It's where I would hide

    Unique Home Looks Like a Dragon Emerging From Cliffside

    Santa Monica Residence / Jendretzki