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Gateway. By Ian Layzell | Gateway at Yew Tree Farm. Set in Cumbria's beautiful Lake District in the area known as Coniston. The farm house (still today functions as a working farm) was built in 1693. Beatrix Potter purchased Yew Tree Farm in the 1930s. Potter's actual home was 'Hill Top', near Sawrey, near Hawkshead. However, it was Yew Tree Farm which featured as "Hill Top" in the 2006 hit movie "Miss Potter" starring Rene Zellweger and E...|https://flic.kr/p/iHEHD9


    tasha tudor | Tasha+Tudor's+Garden+in+May+as+seen+on+linen+&+lavender.jpg

    group of small cactus in a pot with sunset light

    A fence and carefully chosen plants are a great way to add privacy to a side yard. Better Homes and Gardens

    Essential Tips for Designing a Cottage Garden


    LA DOLCE VITA CALIFORNIA: Translations*: Creating Wonderful Whimsey in a Small Garden

    Hydrangea Hill Cottage: Garden Arbors

    Seriously doesn't get much better than this! From the brick patio, rock garden ferns, hostas, garden path complete with trellis arch....I sooo want to do this in my yard!

    Toves Sammensurium

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    .stairs to woods