Laura Shine

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 01:30:18 +0000

For the Love of Teaching: Vocabulary Basketball

    Engage even the most reluctant student with Vocabulary Basketball

    Whoa! Perfect way to make it active.

    Vocabulary Battleship game

    16 Free Printable Board Game Templates. Hmm what kind of games should I make up?

    10 ways to utilize emojis in the classroom - includes free downloads and tons of ideas!

    By intentionally taking time to build a positive community in your classroom, you can ease the challenges of classroom management, improve student attitude toward learning, and create an environment where students feel welcomed and supported. Check out Presto Plans' 5 favorite ways to build classroom community on The Secondary English Coffee Shop blog!

    a great anchor chart to put right next to where your students turn in their work!

    Lots of ideas here to help you organize a Wax Museum Biography Research Project. Awesome way to integrate social studies and reading and writing and the kids (and parents) really enjoy it too!

    Good for a daily reminder for students

    I’m a big fan of one-on-one conferencing with students as a way to connect with them and check for understanding. I use this “deli-style” format with students as a fun way to let them know it is their turn to conference with me. Each student is given a ticket (from 1 to how ever many students you have in class) at the beginning of class and meets me at the designated conference area in the room when they hear the “DING!” and their number appears on the projector screen. Kids love it!

    Musings from the Middle School: Article of the Week

    Literary Jenga for grades 7-12 based on Bloom's Taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge