Katharine Bechiom

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:33:08 +0000

    Timothy Olyphant shopping September 2015...Still looking sexy. Gray hair and all.

    Gabriel Macht

    timothy_olyphant_in_live_free_or_die_hard_by_mzmarvelous-d6j5g2y.png (433×461)

    Oh dear; Dean's just not getting it. [GIFSET] 9x19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann

    Timothy Olyphant

    TIMOTHY OLYPHANT: Those hypnotic eyes are able to lure, the thirst for him is strong for sure. He has the unusual power to attract, he’s so damn sexy, that’s a fact. With magnetism so pure and free, he brings out the wild animal in me. #TimothyOlyphant #Justified #RaylanGivens

    Dean and Sam Winchester

    ((Open rp-be Dean. I'm Alex. Picking up where the gunshot rang. Alex's POV)) I didn't have the guts to do it. I pulled the trigger. But not on myself... I sob and shake as I become a ball in Dean's arms and he holds me. I shot a hole in the wall cause my fingers were shaking really bad then I dropped the gun out of fear. I think, “I don't wanna do this anymore...” I sob harder, forgetting Dean was holding me cause I had zoned out. When his grip tightened I snapped back into reality and sobbed into his chest, still shaking and I feel him keep kissing my hair and telling me how much he loves me but I was too weak to stay awake and the last thing I heard was, “I'm in love with you, Alex...” then everything goes black.



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