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Timothy Olyphant at the LA premiere of This Is Where I Leave You.


    Timothy Olyphant

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    Timothy Olyphant Photos - 'This Is Where I Leave You' Premieres in Hollywood — Part 2 - Zimbio

    Between Deadwood and Justified, I am now a full-on Timothy Olyphant fan.

    Let ME hug you!

    Timothy Olyphant on the set of This Is Where I Leave You

    He was the hottest drug dealer ever in "Go," and now he's owning tv with "Justified." (Timothy Olyphant)

    Timothy Olyphant

    Timothy Olyphant (700×1074)

    TIMOTHY OLYPHANT: I went MILD instead of wild. I don’t want to chase anyone away. I’m really just a nice girl who occasionally likes to play. Naughty or nice, I can always throw down a rhyme, but Tim is welcomed to handcuff me for obscenity anytime! #TimothyOlyphant #Justified #RaylanGivens

    That swagger of his, with energy that flows, He carries that hotness wherever he goes. Tim is always looking phenomenal. I’m surprised his fan base is not astronomical. #TimothyOlyphant #Justified #RaylanGivens

    Timothy Olyphant Photos Photos - Timothy Olyphant checks himself into a flight as he prepares to depart at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). - Timothy Olyphant at LAX

    Timothy Olyphant - timothy-olyphant Photo

    Timothy Olyphant on the set of This Is Where I Leave You|Lainey ...

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    Timothy Olyphant talks 'Justified,' his evolving career, and securing his place…

    Nerd ❤️ ~ Zachary Levi

    This guy can play any part. He is a hunk and very entertaining in movies and tv.

    I Like Timothy Olyphant's Face — olyphantss: Raylan + Henley shirts

    Timothy Olyphant

    Raylan Givens, U.S. Marshal in Justified