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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:27:06 +0000

by Pollinator Studio-art on tumblr

    Star Vs. The Forces of Evil by imamong on DeviantArt

    Blood Moon Ball - Okay, so I wanna do a little throwback to this momentous occasion. I think you all noticed that Star nearly freaked when Marco revealed he was dancing with her. Like, part of her was probably wondering as to why she was so charmed by him and feeling that way. But, that's not my point. My question is...if Star was captivated by Marco at that time, is it possible that that enchantment remained within her? Think to Season 2. ;)

    Stars position says "Crap the world just found out my darkest secret" Marco's is like "Ahhh she does have a crush on me but I don't feel the same way"

    wanderingdoodles: "You me mostraron su mundo, y se sentía como una señal, pero que actuaron demasiado lento y ahora se quedaron sin tiiii-iiii-iiiime! Y ahora vamos a ser! Sólo amigos ... Oh, Dios mío, me quedaron toda la noche haciendo thiiiis porque yo necesitaba algo feliz ...

    internally screams!!! <3

    Star Vs The Forces Of Evil - Star

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    Star and Marco

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