Gary Tipton

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black and white portraits of the prostitutes of Storyville, taken in 1912 by legendary New Orleans photographer, John Bellocq.

    Dancer, ca. early 20th C.

    Oxford Street, London 1889

    unboxing the statue of liberty, 1885

    Cowgirl twins Etheyle and Juanita Parry performed with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in the early 1900s and later with the Barnum & Bailey’s circus. One of their roping and riding routines involved a runaway stagecoach. Etheyle (at right) would leap off of the out-of-control vehicle onto a horse running alongside the stage. Juanita (at left) would rope a fixed object from the driver’s seat of the stage, then bring the team of horses to an abrupt stop.

    Jean Besancenot (1902-1992) Morocco, 1947. Dance of Guedra. Tribe Ait Oussa. The position before the dance. Dancer. Gestures. baguette player. dancer hairstyle. 11 silver prints of time ... - Big & Delettrez - 18/12/2014

    Saying the last goodbyes.

    slovakia, 1966...thank God grandma came to the US or this would be us!

    Great pair

    The Burns Archive: La Goulue, “The Glutton” Lautrec’s Muse, Fallen Idol of Le Moulin Rouge

    street prostitution in New York in the Oct 1979 issue of SWANK

    The strange and forgotten Edwardian sport of "stacking" for a photograph #ancestry #familyhistory #familytree