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"If you never trained for video, here are a few basic tips from Regina McCombs, senior editor for visual news at Minnesota Public Radio and Poynter adjunct faculty. Part of a series of graphics with tips for storytellers, this infographic can be thought of as bite-sized inspiration" - Sara Quinn

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    Check out Nero's top ten tips for filming video, then enter our competition to win a Toshiba action camcorder and Nero 2014 Platinum video editing suite!

    One of TED's video editors, Kari Mulholland, hard at work. Below, her editing advice. Photo: Biljana Labovic

    This Infographics shows us how the Videos are considered as the best way of communication to make people understand the point we want to deliver. #Videos #Camera #Video

    Video editing doesn't have to be expensive or require expertise. We've personally created hundred of high quality videos on a startup budget. Here our are hacks to make video editing easier.

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