VintageVibe Fest

Fri, 19 May 2017 19:52:03 +0000

Remember when


    Who remembers this chewing gum as a kid

    butter rum lifesavers, mom used to buy these

    I remember when they were wrapped in foil!!

    Got nostalgia? Awesome 1980s kids collectible! RARE VINTAGE 80s TOY GUMBALL VENDING MACHINE PLASTIC CANDY VENDOR W/ OLD COINS - on eBay! |

    Soda Bottle Plastic Cap Lining I used to love to peel these off

    3-D back in the day by katharine

    candy from the 70s | Share More

    Rolls of caps: in the gun, and just for pounding with a hammer on the sidewalk.

    70s-child: Search results for green stamps

    I have a lamp that is similar to this that belonged to my grandma. She had it on her end table next to her recliner where she would sit and crochet.

    memory from the 80's