VintageVibe Fest

Fri, 19 May 2017 19:52:03 +0000

Remember when

    butter rum lifesavers, mom used to buy these

    Who remembers this chewing gum as a kid

    1960s. What used to be so common, on every street corner. Can't find either of these anymore.

    I remember when they were wrapped in foil!!

    Baby Alive... I had one of these when I was a kid

    Wax Bottles -bite off the top & drink (spill out) the disgusting liquid so you can chew on the wax!

    Credit Card Machine. Used one of these at my first retail job as a college student.

    How many of you know what these are and what they were used for???

    Wether you had a cough or not

    Old School cursive practice

    Adore this book! Especially the page where it breaks down the brick wall. ;-)