Make it something you do today, One small gesture will go a long

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    high school wrestling quotes - Google Search

    Love this quote so much I'm thinking of putting it in my new room

    Breathe in, Breathe out, Move on. - Jimmy Buffet

    hope and fortune

    The difference between successful & very successful people... Warren Buffett #inspiration.

    PBK Wooden 10" x 5" BOX SIGN "By The Time A Woman Realizes Her Mother Was Right

    They are the ones at peace with themselves so they don't have belittle or compete with others. They can lift them up :)

    Blue Line Life- Living, Loving, and Thriving as Law Enforcement Families!

    10 steps to relieve stress

    They're probably just staring at you because you're bloody gorgeous!

    Angel Jem's City Cottage: My new love....

    Today I wanted to share with you the person I am striving to become. I want to share with you not only how I am doing this but why I am doing this. Just in this last month I’ve grown to be a stronger more confident individual than I have ever been in my entire life. I’ve never been more thrilled about my life because of the success I know is coming to me. The Purpose of Life is to Discover Your Gift, The Meaning of Life is to Give it Away.

    Work, pray, think and believe

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    Dwayne Johnson Quote

    reminds me of another favorite: there is no growth in your comfort zone.

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    All Things Upper Elementary: Motivational Quotes for Students {Free Posters!}