Jønathan Cøøkstack

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:24:01 +0000

Twenty øne pilots

    twenty one pilots, guns for hands

    Holding On To You- twenty øne piløts

    car radio - twenty one pilots. Soooo relate to this track

    รσмєтiмєร qυiєт iร viσlєит // ρiитєяєรт: αyєiтรcσυят ✖

    House of Gold // Twenty One Pilots

    Lane Boy - Twenty One Pilots

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    Twenty One Pilots / iFunny :)

    Heathens // Twenty One Pilots | If you haven't already heard it I would recommend looking it up and listening to it because it's amazing! |

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    When the leader of the bad guys sang something soft and soaked in pain, I heard the echo from his secret hideaway. Twenty One Pilots - The Judge

    Twenty One Pilots |||||||||| oh my josh <<< Can this happen onstage please? And then Josh has to play drums still handcuffed to Tyler so Tyler has to be his crazy self with his one hand chained to Josh's which is playing the drums? Like can this PLEASE happen it would be so funny.