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Here are 11 more hilarious funny but true memes.


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    "If your party isn't this lit, don't bother inviting me." Cats dancing to accordion music. F YEAH!!!

    The best part of this is that there's actually a rly simple way to get from the beginning to the end

    Excuse the language, but she should be helping him, not shoving a microphone in his face! My Georgia history teacher was saying today how awful it is when people take the time to pull out their phone and film instead of helping the person. Obviously she's a reporter, but she should still be helping him regardless.

    He must be famous. He has so many fans funny sarcastic meme

    Parte /por/ Parte

    Anonymous asked: I feel like u used to not be a pjo blog and then one day u just were indigonite: I can guarantee you that’s exactly how it happened

    Things people say when they hit a blunt

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