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John Ashdown-Hill and the Princes in the Tower.


    King Richard III - Facial Reconstruction

    Elizabeth Tailboys was the Tudor monarch's illegitimate lovechild who would have changed the course of English history had the King, pictured acknowledged her as his at the time.

    Anne Boleyn's final words. Her eloquent, brave speech moves me to tears whenever I read it & listening/watching Natalie Dormer deliver Anne's speech never fails to make sob. Queen Anne was a remarkable young woman & a courageous, cunning queen.

    another red dress Jean Pichoret, Anne of Brittany, 1506

    Tudor tree from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth I. Found from a very cool website where the blogger says, "Ask Henry" and answers questions as if he were Henry!

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    because he didn't HAVE TO read history he already had his backside firmly on the thrown.

    'Last ever' painting of Henry VIII uncovered in Wiltshire: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2539831/Henry-VIIIs-painting-uncovered-Wiltshire.html

    Letter from Anne Boleyn to King Henry VIII, During her Imprisonment in the Tower, 6 May 1536.

    Tudor History from the beginning (shown here) through Henry VIII and his six wives up until Queen Elizabeth I.

    Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth (Original) (Signed) art by Peter Jackson at The Illustration Art Gallery