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Campbell's Wharf 1859. Early view of Dawes Point on the western side of the Quay.


    Darling Harbour 1871

    George Street, Sydney 1900 . Photo shared by the State Records NSW, via Flickr. v@e

    Farmer and Company's `Victoria House' Department Store,Pitt St,Sydney in 1875.

    East Darling Harbour in Sydney.The gas tank from AGL Gasworks is in the top middle of photo.Wharves are bei g constructed and ships are being unloaded.Photo from City of Sydney Archives.A♥W

    South Sydney Hospital, Joynton Avenue, Zetland. ... c 1916 ... Cooper & Gibbon Photographers ... View of South Sydney Hospital, officially opened 19th August 1913, with a horse drawn cart in front of the building ... SRC15513 / City of Sydney Archives

    Darling Harbour in Sydney in 1904.

    Circular Quay in Sydney in the 1880s.This is the curve on the east of the quay.

    Circular Quay in Sydney in 1890. •State Library of NSW•

    THEN & THEN. Sydney Cove/Circular Quay from Dawes Point 1820s and 1870s. [1820s-OSA Facebook>1870s-State Library NSW. By Les de Belin]

    Circular Quay from Pitt Street, Sydney, 1870.

    Wool ships at Circular Quay in Sydney in 1900.

    Circular Quay in Sydney in 1877.Photo from National Library of Australia.A♥W