Brigitte Winchester

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 02:18:56 +0000

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    sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.

    Or better yet, buy the damn canoe.

    An accessory for paddle boards to make them safer to use at night. By attaching a custom-made, permanent strip of LED lights around the border of a board, surfers are given a source of light to guide them at night and illuminate the ocean floor below them.

    Never mess with a kayaker - we know places where no one will find you

    Health Benefits of Kayaking ...

    Kayak Kaddy®

    We know you love the wilderness. Now you can express exactly how you feel with this pack of six adventure-themed stickers! These stickers are full-color, perfect for turning your favorite water bottle

    Learn how before it's too late..

    This is the first keep calm sign I've liked. :)

    Any place I can put my kayak in the water is a favorite place

    Love this...

    Keep your trail mix in a water bottle with a large opening, and you can snack even when your hands are dirty