Fri, 19 May 2017 21:08:12 +0000

My mom still had hers after all this time. LOL

    How awesome this was to do at the time

    18 Cosas que coleccionabas de niña en los 90's

    A timeless, classic toy loved by adults and children alike. Silly Putty bounces like rubber and stretches like taffy, and provides hours of fun. AP Certified non-toxic. Just like you remember it - sti

    We used a lot of it, never was sure it worked well.

    My 1st TV ... Fisher Price <3<3<3

    Still have a couple of these albums, with the yellowed edges and all.

    Guilty...and these were the days, LOL! Now my daughter spends her hot summer days doing this, expect with her iPhone instead of a boom box ;)

    glitter water bracelet

    Anyone know where to find these??? They're my absolute favorite and I can't find them anywhere anymore.

    A 90's child every single one of those things is so true!!! Just missing POGS, nano pets and something spice girls lol.

    Book cover

    Scary stories to tell in the dark