Jacki Glastetter

Mon, 10 Jul 2017 05:58:13 +0000

Blaze And The Indian Cave by C.W. Anderson Vintage Hardcover Book 1964 Boys and Horses by fancypak on Etsy www.etsy.com/...


    Sam Savitt...loved the books and the artwork as a kid.

    1970s equestrian by experimentalvintage, $14.00 (C.W. Anderson is the original artist). I read many of his books on horses.

    The Black Stallion 1941 Walter Farley HCDJ Random House Later Printing NICE! | eBay

    CW Anderson LOVE his artwork and his books.... since childhood!

    C. W. Anderson Illustration-A Pony for Linda- Nursery Art-Childrens Decor-Kids Wall Art via Etsy

    Doodlebug (1971) by Irene Brady - Vintage Weekly Readers Childrens' Book : I loved horses and bought every book I could lay my hands on about them. I had this book ordered from the Weekly Reader Book Club

    Billy and Blaze - C. W. Anderson - 1964 - Vintage Kids Book

    Billy and Blaze 1946

    A filly for Joan by C. W Anderson http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0007E1QJI/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_rH5hub1MFBQ23

    A Pony Called Lightning by Miriam E. Mason, il. C.W. Anderson

    Billy and Blaze - C. W. Anderson - 1964 - Vintage Kids Book