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There is NO better way to reach your customers than with Your OOwn VIDEO!

    Would be cool to have design principles hanging up, to remind others of the importance of strategic design thinking.:

    Como a ciência explica por que precisamos do storytelling? O OneSpot compilou dados que mostram o motivo de lembramos mais do que vimos quando há uma boa história envolvida do que simples dados numéricos. "O único momento que nossas mentes param de buscar distrações é quando temos uma boa história à nossa frente." (Fonte: facebook da Revista Proxxima 08/06/2014)

    Simple Video Editing Made Simpler [Infographic]

    A Comprehensive List of the Top Tools in Documentary Filmmaking today

    What Are 15 Valuable Design And Creative Principles Of Visual Hierarchy? #infographic

    New Infographic Reveals the Value of…Infographics!

    This Infographics shows us how the Videos are considered as the best way of communication to make people understand the point we want to deliver. #Videos #Camera #Video

    Here's a super useful quick overview of storyboarding by Jugaad Animation. The upgraded Grease Pencil in Blender has opened up new opportunities in Storyboarding and 2D Animation. However, to use that function, you need to have a basic understanding of Storyboarding. Storyboarding is a process where you take the finished script and visualise it with drawings.Read More

    A Quick History of Editing

    Video Equipment Through the Ages #infographic #History #VideoEquipments

    giancarlovolpe: Hey kids! If you’re a filmmaker, animator, or storyboard artist and you don’t know what screen direction is, you might want to read this.