Sun, 13 Aug 2017 00:10:09 +0000

Supernatural>>>>Percy Jackson>>>>the maze runner>>>>buffy the vampire slayer>>>>Doctor who>>>>the mortal instruments>>>>Shawol>>>>


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    Super Natural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Hetalia, Youtube, Creepy Pasta,

    Hahahaha....*starts sobbing* "Why? Why are they so cruel...? Don't they think of the readers who fall in love with the characters...? WHY? WHY!???"

    I don't actually say anything. I see the book, scream, grab the book, hug the book, cry a bit, then start reading. You can see me squeeing at various parts while reading. Then, about 8 hours later, I close the book, hug it, and cry. I remain emotionally damaged until I receive the next book.

    We were playing volleyball at church last week; someone mentioned Mockingjay and I almost missed the ball!

    and now I'm drowning

    Ich wär wohl der Allrounder, hab aber trotzdem NARUTOOOOO

    Divergent and Harry Potter!!!!

    COMMENT!!!!!<<<*takes deep breath and prepares for pain* THEY ARE JUST MADE UP, THEY ARE NOT REAL!!!!!!

    Should this be a thing? I think it should be a thing...

    "Is it sad that I automatically said Harry Potter...then wondered what the printer had to with it..." <-- I thought the exact same thing!