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Over 30 Easy DIY Summer Outdoor Games to play with the kids! Water balloon games and more! www.kidfriendlyth...


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    Tic Tac Toe on a tree stump? DIY "Kerplunk" using chicken wire & kabob skewers? Check out these summer DIY backyard game ideas.

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    Give your budding graffiti artist the finest gear this spring with these DIY Sidewalk Chalk Pops. Your toddler will doodle for days with these homemade craft supplies. Have your kiddo take note that while these chalk pops may look like delicious lollipops, they’re made for sketching, not snacking.

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    Amazing idea... with only 12$..water blob made with Painter’s plastic....plastic sheeting (*4 mil* – any size (here is used 10×25-foot roll, and cut it down to about 10×20) • an iron; • a hose; • (optional) coloring. Lay the plastic sheet down to form a water mattress and seal with iron