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molly hatchet

    Marvel Comics - Wolverine (Retro) Posters at

    Ed Roth RIP 4-4-04

    Superhero Facts: Part 5 - 9GAG


    Whose side are you on? Team Cap or Team Iron-Man? Get a Marvel's Captain America: Civil War poster when you link your Disney Movie Rewards and Fandango VIP accounts. Want more? Complete the set of posters for only $17.99 (includes S&P) (Offer good in the US only. Expires on 6/10/16). Get details:|PIN|050216|GWP|CivilWar

    Skull with 5th Special Forces beret and Gerber dagger. The skull was located in the CCS (Command and Control South) compound in Ban Me Thout.

    Marvel Comics Presents #79 - Weapon X Part 8


    The X-Men: Cyclops, Phoenix, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine, & Archangel

    The Explosive power of a Daisy Cutter, used in Vietnam primarily for clearing the jungle so helicopters could land. And to clear the perimeter around bases.

    Marvel Comics Retro: The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Book Cover No.151, Flooding (aged) Art Print at

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