Quin Calem

Sat, 20 May 2017 00:50:13 +0000

The twilight princess boy and a familiar puppy ww

    Link | Twilight Princess & Ocarina of Time why does time have a red eye?

    Twilight Princess & Ocarina of Time | Selfie

    I just saw the trailer and now I am so exited!! I need to get a Wii U!

    Twilight and Wild?

    Twilight Princess | フジヒム (@mountain_08) | Twitter

    Poor Link ;(

    Sidekicks, The Legend of Zelda series artwork by Kitsune 23 Star.

    'Let's Be Friends! Au' Ganondorf can't seem to keep his temper in check around the poor farm boy. One day I'll make an origins comic to this AU....one day. >u> Loz (c) Nintendo

    Zelda -- Can't keep a secret by onisuu on deviantART