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    Odontotyrannos- Greek myth: a giant reptilian beast with one horn and a green tinge. it attacked Alexander the great and his men. it took 1300 soldiers to drag its body.


    Dinosaur challenge 1 by IsisMasshiro on DeviantArt

    Lets start this day off with a T-rex. It was about time I started with a tribute to my childhood. I might even do a few more dinosaurs.  On a scientific note. There is still no evidence that t...

    Styracosaurus by on @DeviantArt

    Study panel for Spinosaurus by Davide Bonadonna



    Baryonyx walkeri Geological time: Early Cretaceous, 130-125 Ma Found in England, Spain and Portugal

    Feathered dinosaurs.


    Herrerasaurus Ischigualastensis - by paleoartist Vlad Konstantinov | related: