Philip Thompson

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:14:46 +0000

:Spinosaurus: by on @DeviantArt

    Another Allosaur by on @deviantART


    Acrocanthosaurus Julius T. Csotonyi - Paleo Illustration

    Baryonyx: a carnivore that ate mainly fish. It's from the same family as Spinosaurus. Sketch by ~SebasRuna on deviantART

    A Raptor and a Platypus

    Gorgosaurus; Late Cretaceous, 76.6–75.1Ma; Theropod; Discovered by Lambe, 1914

    Therizinosaurus II by *AntarcticSpring @ deviantART

    Cool drawing of Spinosaurus, who may most likely be the largest land predator.

    Art Blog of RJ Palmer | Spinosaurus and T. rex . Spinosaurus is looking a little chubby, there, but it adds character. :)



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