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Variation in the skulls of theropod dinosaurs: the Late Triassic coelophysoid Coelophysis; the Early Jurassic ceratosaur Ceratosaurus; the Late Jurassic allosaur Allosaurus; the middle Cretaceous spinosaur Suchomimus; the Late Cretaceous dromaeosaur Velociraptor; the Late Cretaceous tyrannosaur Tyrannosaurus. From Scott Sampson’s Dinosaur Odyssey

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    dinosaur drawings | dinosaur gesture drawings forever | Johnny Wander | Updates Tuesday ...

    Dinosaur Skulls: Herbivores by *MrPuddleDuck on deviantART


    Swift Killer's Revenge by Jaime Headden

    Skeleton of Meyerasaurus victor in ventral view (underside) (from Smith [2008], redrawn from Fraas [1910]).

    JP Raptor by beaubaphat on DeviantArt

    Dinosaur skulls! On a poster! Mailed straight to you! Get them while they last: Finn Matthews Illustration

    Albertosaurus Skull

    by Telera1701 (deviantart)

    Dynamic Sketching 2 - CGMA 2D Academy

    Dromaeosaur Skull


    hypnoticlandscape: biodiversity heritage library Loving this...

    New post on scientificillustration

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    Grandes teropodos del Mesozoico

    Dinosaur Bone Art Print

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    dinosaur anatomy - Buscar con Google

    An initial reconstruction sketch of a representative skull of ceratopsians, Triceratops, for the Ceratopsian exhibit at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology.

    Dinosaur/Human size chart by Hyrotrioskjan (i love the way the dude is all like "hey there, dinosaur!")

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    The Best of Jurassic Park by Ashley Schultz