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Variation in the skulls of theropod dinosaurs: the Late Triassic coelophysoid Coelophysis; the Early Jurassic ceratosaur Ceratosaurus; the Late Jurassic allosaur Allosaurus; the middle Cretaceous spinosaur Suchomimus; the Late Cretaceous dromaeosaur Velociraptor; the Late Cretaceous tyrannosaur Tyrannosaurus. From Scott Sampson’s Dinosaur Odyssey


    allosaurus skull


    Dromaeosaur Skull

    This is my third tattoo, it is the skull of a Deinonychus. I got this tattoo for my brother. I have always looked up to him and decided to get this done a few months ago when after a pretty rough time he was able to get his life back together and is back in school. When we were growing up he wanted to be a paleontologist and Deinonychus was his favorite dinosaur of all :) Done by Marc at Blue Lotus, Madison WI

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    Anatomy - © Rik Lee Here’s a bunch of imagery I sketched up for a current tattoo commission. Now i just got to make a decent design out of these elements.


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