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Purple Wisteria Tree (grows in zone 9) • Drought tolerant, so you don't have to water • Pest & disease resistant- no spraying! • Fragrant blooms you can smell from a distance

    How To Grow Wisteria

    purple pavement succulents

    Rockcress Cascading Purple Flower Seeds (Aubrieta Hybrida) 50+Seeds - Under The Sun Seeds - 2

    Gorgeous Wisteria

    Not roses, but would compliment them with this wisteria beauty.

    Crepe Mytrle tree - they are pink, white, purple or fuchsia) drought tolerant

    9 DIY planst you can grow in a container: irisis, rasberries, lemon & apple trees, etc

    Texas mountain laurel – Heat and drought tolerant. Makes an attractive evergreen accent to your landscape. Full sun Small tree or shrub Grows up to 25 feet tall and 6 to 12 feet wide Blooms lavender/purple clusters of fragrant flowers in Spring Use as a patio tree or untrained as a screen Native – Sophora …

    Drought tolerant plants on my sidewalk garden. Lavandula stoechas, Eschschoizia californica, Salvia nemerosa, Delosperma cooperi.

    Plumbago – so pretty cheerful – thrives in the hot Texas summer. Disease- pest- and deer-resistant. Can grow into a large bush, and also can be trained to grow on a trellis.

    Best Sellers - Cotton Candy Grass. This colorful ornamental grass creates a sweet, pink cloud in the back of a sunny border or as a stand-alone specimen in a perennial bed. Blooms appear in late summer. A dependable variety, Cotton Candy Grass tolerates heat, humidity, drought and wet conditions with ease. This gorgeous plant has it all – it provides gorgeous foliage throughout the year, is adaptable to practically every climate and can even grow in poor soil.

    List of plants used in California drought tolerant yard :: native plants really save. low water use plants in the garden. Some cities are offering rebates to remove lawns. Article listing what was done, and plants used. PT 2 photos

    Candytuft: Hardy evergreen perennial ground cover for zones 3-9. - Just planted this by my front steps

    Texas Lilac ~ Vitex Blooms all summer long...drought tolerent! Can be grown as a shrub but looks better trimmed as a tree (like the photo). After blooming, shear back (never more than 1/4 of the plant) and it will rebloom and grow vigorously! Love this tree

    petunia tree - I have always wanted to have this in my yard.

    Beautiful bouganvillea flowering tree, they can grow up to 30 feet tall and 20 feet wide so you need space, they grow best in Texas and Florida;)

    Deer resistant, blooms all summer, nodding purple blue cups: campanula

    Change the colour of #Hydrangea by Prunin's given tips.

    Crepe myrtles are among the world's best flowering trees.They are native to eastern Asia and are hardy in most parts…

    Bougainvillea Tree

    One of the Chinese Blue Wisteria

    Fireglow Japanese maple is one of the best upright Japanese maple trees for hot sun exposure. Its autumn foliage is always magnificent. Read more: www.finegardening... Follow us: @Fine Gardening Magazine on Twitter | FineGardeningMagazine on Facebook

    Fast growing ground cover, Purple Cascading Aubrieta. Saw it first in Switzerland years ago & fell in love with it in all different colors