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WOAH. Seriously. Try this. Hahaha I also don't want to feel alone in the fact that I just sat with my nose pressed to my computer screen for an inordinately long period of time. =P



    Miniature Art on the Tip of Pencil by Dalton Ghetti ~~~

    Makeup Artist Paints a Super-Realistic Third Eye, On her Lips

    Who will you be stranded with? Leave a comment telling who you got! (I got Michael from GTA5)

    Optical illusion. That's crazy

    Haha yes I did

    She would be the MOTHER

    Except the pink. Looking into ones thoughts may be tempting but you will come out much more hurt then you should be. The same would most likely happen if someone looked into you yours.

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    9 Unconventional Health Hacks Used By Extreme Sports Athletes! Extreme sports athletes have wowed the world by pushing the limits of the human body. These athletes have to deal with much higher injury rates and the mental strain of extremely dangerous stunts. The top athletes in Skateboarding Motocross Snowboarding and other extreme sports are now finally being paid as much as pro golfers Olympians and other more mainstream athletes. With these high salaries many athletes are seeing a promising future in what could only be a hobby in years past. Serious training is now put into place for extreme athletes who have the dream of going pro in their sport. Here are 10 training lessons we can all learn from extreme sports athletes. 1. Training your mind to stay cool under pressure During extreme sports competitions athletes will have to deal with the danger of their stunts as well as the added pressure from competing. It is important to train your mind to stay cool under this pressure if you are working toward a career as an extreme athlete. Try looking online for brain exercises that will help you relax under pressure. Learning to meditate can also be a great way to learn to stay cool under any amount of pressure and has helped all sorts of athletesfrom golferstoNBA players. 2. Prepare yourself for injuries As an extreme athlete you are bound to experience more frequent injuries that will keep you out of your sport for a long period. Recovering from injuries is almost as much of a part of becoming a world class extreme athlete asmastering your sport. In most major cities there are physical therapists who have had experience working with extreme athletes. These professionals will be able to help you learn the best ways to recover from your injuries quickly and effectively. 3. Create an intense and effective training schedule Professional athletes dont get to the top of their sport by accident. It takes a schedule and power of the mind that many individuals simply dontpossess or know how to develop. Waking up early is a key for athletes that want to go pro in their extreme sport. Long gone are the days of the lazy idea of skateboarders who just party and skate when they feel like it. With the money there for the taking extreme athletes like Nyjah Huston now have schedules and regimens that will keep them at the top of their sport. Huston is very strict about his diet. He and other extreme athletes are now taking their training much more seriously. This helps them avoid injuries perform at a higher level during competitions and land tricks more often than if they were unorganized in their lives. 4. Always train with athletes who will push your limits If you are always training with skaters bikers and skiers who arent as good as you at your sport it is going to be difficult to get better. You need to challenge yourself by finding athletes that are better than you at your sport. This may be hard to do if you are the best in your local area. However it is worth traveling to a different area where there are better extreme athletes than yourself. If you are going to be competing against the best in the world you need to be training with the best in the world. 5. Get into theright frame of mind Just like golf extreme sports are a very mental thing to do. Going into a competition when you arent feeling mentally fit can be disastrous. Confidence is key when trying dangerous stunts. You cant be afraid when flying down a mountain or launching off huge ramps. Take some time to clear your mind and get into a mindset that will help you ace all of your runs. 6. Hop in a chilling ice bath Travis Pastrana is well known for attributing his low recovery times to regularly soaking in an ice bath. Thiscold therapyhelps to soothe sore muscles and improve recovery times. Head to the grocery store and buy a big bag of ice. Once you get home throw the bag of ice in your bathtub and fill it up with cold water. This will give you a chilling yet invigorating soak that will help you recover quickly from sore muscles or injuries. 7. Use a GoPro Camera GoPro cameras are one of the best advancements in extreme sports training technology that athletes have regular access to. With the inexpensive price of these cameras it is easy to pick one up and start analyzing your runs tricks and other performance. Filming yourselfcanbe a great way to identify bad habitsand fix them before they set you back years in your progress. 8. Engage in activities that strengthen your mind and will Hiking mountains writing a short story and remodeling a home are all examples of activities that will strengthen your mind and will. Learning how to push through hardships to accomplish a goal will help you to be an amazing athlete. Alsoactivities like chess crossword and sudoku are amazing ways to keep your mind strong. 9. Learn everything you can about your equipment When you are constantly slamming your equipment trying big tricks you need to learn how to repair it yourself. Also learning about the different accessories you can use on your equipment will help you have an edge over the competition. For example having the best wheels on your longboard will help you grip the road during your downhill races. There are many resources online that will help you learn everything you need to know about all of your extreme sports equipment. Find this information interesting? Leave your comment below.Click Here For More Articles Don't forget to optin to Our Healthy Living Society for the latest information on health wellbeing and groundbreaking news about natural nutrition.

    Scott Kelly's DNA changed during his year in space as part of NASA's study that inclued his Earth-bound twin brother Mark Kelly to determine how the body is affected in long periods of zero gravity. The research, called the Twins Study, will play a huge role in NASA's hope one day to send astronauts to Mars, reported USA Today. Scott Kelly returned to Earth last March after nearly a year in space on the International Space Station. In testing both Kellys over that period of time, NASA scient...