Judith Graham

Mon, 24 Sep 2012 22:14:25 +0000

Beryl (Emerald) doubly terminated - Mina La Pita, Borbur, Boyacá Colombia

    Orange shell

    Beryl (var emerald), Calcite Chivor Mine, Mun. de Chivor, Boyacá Department, Colombia

    World's largest emerald

    Columbian Emerald on Calcite.

    Some of the World's Largest Emeralds were discovered in NC

    Emerald Green

    EMERALD on CALCITE. Polveros Mine, Muzo, Boyacà, Colombia. ..z

    Golden Selenite

    The Guinness Emerald Crystal: The 1759-carat Guinness Emerald Crystal was found at the Coscuez in Columbia and is one of the largest gem-quality emerald crystals in the world. Today it is part of the collection of the Banco Nazionale de la Republica in Bogotà, Columbia.

    A stunning example of a Colombian emerald in matrix.

    Beryl var. Emerald with Calcite; Boyaca Department, Colombia

    The first known #emerald mines were in ancient Egypt. Egyptian mummies are sometimes discovered adorned with this green gemstone, a symbol of eternal youth in ancient Egypt.