Megan Rae Tex

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:01:34 +0000

"If in doubt, paddle out"

    Interieur | 12x inspiratie voor vensterbank styling - Woonblog

    Pretty succulents.


    Fancy - Green Thumb

    The Top 5: Spectacular Succulents - look at some of the gorgeous colors in this pic!!! I'd love to know what some of these are!


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    Beautiful Lithops (split rock)

    ❝ pinterest: httpcelestial ❞

    This picture makes me wonder if I want to include succulents. Maybe a few? That's a lot of variation though.

    lebusmagique: gentlethrills: nevermindnevermore:thevirginbeekeeper:teen-witches:(via sky-caves, thedaintysquid)

    Huntington Gardens - I could wander here for days.