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Skip the store-bought jarred pasta sauce and make this Quick and Easy Marinara Sauce instead -- it's just perfect for pasta, zoodles, pizza, veggies and more!

    3 Ingredient Low-Carb + Sugar-Free Chocolate Truffles (heavy cream, unsweetened baking chocolate, stevia)

    Ketosis Infographic

    Creamy Avocado Bomb Sauce | The avocado go to sauce for everything

    Low Carb Pizza Sauce - you don't have to give up pizza when you follow a low carb or ketogenic diet! This sauce is made without sugar so it has as few carbs as possible.

    Low carb diet for diabetes List of Complex Carbs that can be Eaten Everyday “A great list of Complex Carbs. Info for those with Diabetes or Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).” Consider grain-free as a healthier option. link Fact or Fiction: 5 Low-Carb Myths “1. Myth: Low-Carb Diets Eliminate Fruits & Vegetables 2. Myth: Low-Carb Diets …

    How to make Basic Tomato Sauce -

    Skillet Pizza - Just toppings - no crust!

    How to Eat a Low Carb Diet Without Feeling Deprived-We are ramping up our low carb lifestyle by managing our blood sugar, eating right and exercise! @walmart #GlucernaChallenge #Ad

    This Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce recipe is a great way to use all those fresh veggies in your garden! Not into canning? No worries, this sauce can be frozen in ziploc bags as well! |

    Did you know that there are 82,000+ chemicals in use in the US today, and only 1/4 of them have been tested for safety. I try to buy clean personal care products and make as many of them as I can. I tried a bunch of Homemade Eye Makeup Removers and this one worked the best – it also strengthens eyelashes! Ditch the toxins, save money, and make it yourself!

    Ditch the store-bought French dressings with all of their questionable ingredients and make this delicious, nutrient-dense, real food French dressing recipe.

    A simple homemade sugar free pizza sauce. This low carb pizza sauce is a great way to use up a late summer crop of tomatoes or frozen skinned tomatoes. |