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5 ESSENTIAL TIPS FOR THE BUDDING HERBALIST by Nina Nelson. She comes from a long line of natural healers and her dad has been running an organic herb farm since she was 5 years old. In this article, she will share what she has learnt along the way.

    10 Ways You Could Use Aloe Vera For Your Health, Beauty And Wellness- I am very passionate about finding natural alternatives and solutions to our everyday needs – It feels so wonderful to make your own wellness at home. I have only been using Aloe Vera for treating sunburn, but there are so many other ways you could utilize Aloe Vera.

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    A simple start to a home apothecary with herbs, teas, leaves and such. Can be used prior to seeking medical treatment or in supplementation as desired. I've found most to be very effective.

    5 Storage Containers Every Herbalist Should Have On Hand - Good storage containers are an essential tool for organizing herbs and herbal preparations made from your favorite recipe, the garden, or a foraging adventure. Take a look at 5 types of storage containers for every herbalist to have on hand that will help you stay organized no matter what you have brewing in your apothecary!

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    Wanna know how to become an herbalist? I'm sharing several paths you can take to get started on this lifelong journey to taking charge of your children's health with herbs!

    Tomorrow (May 3rd) is HerbDay, and we’re celebrating all things herbs with our friends at the American Herbalist Guild, the American Botanical Council, United Plant Savers, and all the other wonderful herbal organizations here in the States. We’d love for you to join in the festivities!

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    A glimpse into a personal, working apothecary, and links to more apothecary articles. // The Independent Herbalist #myherbalstudies

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    It’s rewarding to make your own medicines. Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure you achieve the best results.