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    And if i am quiet, i am possibly dead

    It sure does. Out looking at houses. Trying to find one out by his school. Want him to be able to enjoy high school.


    I changed my...

    Being a bird would be fun...... As in shitting on people

    This is a DIRECT quote from my Mother!

    Haley!! I miss you so much! I really hope we can talk again, I made this board so that you and me could talk (in a way) because this is the only contact we have left!! HALEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE A DONUT!!!!!!!!!!

    Lol on this one...

    I absolutely love this i should all of my friends and one of the kids I hate and he said you have already done that to me. He lies so much.

    So clever. I was on to them *restaurants* in 1988. No fast food for me since. DisGUSTING.

    I think my guardian angel drinks

    'whad she say?' cartoon - Yahoo Image Search Results

    You know... If you think you had a bad day, check this out....

    ... What an excellent hair day this was for me!!!

    Good Lord is there a certain individual I would love to spit this at! Kill with kindness..bite a hole through lip while biting tongue!

    How to Deal with People Who Always Ask for Advice (But Never Take It) - |

    Riiiight?! And I'm okay with that. It's you who will have to live with everything you did to me with everyone you did it with. -drops the mic

    We all know at least one...

    then I proceed to giggle like I'm 5

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    Oh!...burn on someone.


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