A+ Resumes for Teachers

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Tips on creating teaching portfolios - what to include and the importance of a teacher portfolio. A solid teaching portfolio contains a variety of different pieces of evidence which demonstrate your ability as a teacher and passion for education. resumes-for-teach...

    Whether you are a new teacher interviewing for a job or a veteran teacher changing teaching positions, be sure you know the answers to these questions about the policies and procedures pertaining to your job!

    Buzzwords for Teacher Resumes! Teacher Resume Tips.

    A step-by-step approach on how to create a unit plan and its various components…

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    Tips on how to integrate technology seamlessly into the classroom. New teachers might find this post helpful.

    Creating a Teaching Portfolio for Job Interviews

    Need a sure way to grab your students attention right from the start of your lesson? Try one of these unique ways to do just that!

    Saving this for my youngest daughter who is about to follow in my footsteps! How to Excel at Student Teaching

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    Top Tips for Landing a Teaching Job- Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

    Review can be engaging and sometimes even fun. Read this post for eight engaging ways to review that are student approved and easy prep.