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Editorial / David Lynch by Juan Pablo Dellacha

    The Tipping Point: Annual Report by Nick D'Amico

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    ::20160511 시각디자인이란? 포스팅:: : 네이버 블로그

    Not too sure about the lines, but this would be a great design to pair with a full page picture.

    Too modern for your purposes, but again, lots of space if given to the text - clarity and simplicity. The colour palette is also minimal but the block colours are really effective at dividing the brochure up.

    R O C C A stories / magazine layout design Bárbaro, Á., n.d., 'Diseño editorial', Pinterest, viewed 16 August 2015,

    libritosobre una ciudad en la que cada pagina por fuera se ve como un edificio y al cerrar el librito se ve todo como ina ciudad

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    99U Quarterly Magazine Issue No3