Julia Leube

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 10:51:47 +0000

Half albino turtle, how beautiful! Turtles are my favorite!!! ♥!!!

    Albino turtle. Sri Lanka

    Tartaruga marinha. Mais

    These baby sea turtles heading out to sea makes me smile. How about you?

    A loggerhead turtle's first official baby photo - Click image to find more Animals Pinterest pins

    Blue-Eyed Albino Turtle!

    I have a tabby cat who hangs like this and called him Bagheera. He slinks about like a regal big cat. #junglebook

    Half Albino - crazy that that can happen!

    Welcome to the world...A baby loggerhead turtle

    how adoarable is that i mean them all lining up like that some times i wonder what they think about.

    Silent Beauty ...Look at spiderweb in horns. Kind of creepy in a way. I hope the deer doesn't have a bunch of spider bites...

    I Love Giant Turtles