Kathy Vance

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:17:35 +0000

I remembering loving to play with the wooden spools once they were empty. Grandma kept them in a tin cracker box

    Do you remember these?

    Golden Book inside cover - loved looking at these pictures on the inside covers. I remember sitting with my little brother, then years later with my babies in my lap as they pointed to each figure, learning to talk and naming each one on their little golden books.

    Pinking shears! My mom had these and I loved cutting paper with them.

    .Piggly Wiggly grocery

    Everyday she hung laundry outside every sunny day.

    Radio Flyer Wagon.....I knew a lot of kids who had one of these

    la singer de ma grand-mère.

    Vintage Milkshake Mixer ... every drugstore counter and diner had them.

    1950-60s torment! Picks and plastic curlers! The absolute worst to sleep on - orange juice cans!


    Set you hair with this stuff

    .Ours was red, if I remember right. Had it in NC.

    We use to carry our own meds with us at school

    the good ole days! You 've never had sharper pencils! Hahaha! I can smell it!

    One of the first TV Commercials I remember...plop, plop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is... :)

    We called it monkey blood. Fall down at recess, sent to the nurse's office, it burned like fire! No wonder, it was 30% alcohol.

    teachers used to have to pull maps down from the chalkboard

    Old store front of #Woolworth's. Such memories. As a kid I would buy candy here after ballet classes on Saturday or eat at the Luncheonette with my Mom.

    I remember this very well

    How did we survive taking baby aspirin? Sheesh, what were our mothers thinking? :o)

    batteries are overrated

    Plastic pencil box with sharpener and sliding multiplier/divider