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Thu, 19 May 2016 10:35:34 +0000

You've seen cakes such as these in cake shops, but with the right budget, time and effort you can make your very own perfect cake at home. Wondering how? Just read below and let these cakes wake the creativity and imagination in you. #food

    A delicious recipe for Raspberry Buttercream that is perfect companion to your favorite chocolate cake recipe.

    Mini Naked Cake de Nutella (via )

    Berry cake

    Holiday Cranberry and Pomegranate PavlovaThe crunchy outer layer of this holiday cranberry and pomegranate pavlova with melt-in-your-mouth marshmallowy meringue inside topped with heavenly marbled mascarpone cream and berries is a pure festive paradise in your mouth!

    Vanilla and Fresh Berry Naked Cake - 4 layer vanilla cake filled with fresh berries!

    Torta con frutas

    Berry Charlottes

    The dream is to surprise yourself, never mind the audience// И поближе торт : верхний ярус ванильно-лимонный, нижний шоколадно-ягодный #kitchen_witch_cake

    Nutella-stuffed chocolate-hazelnut cake More

    Double Chocolate Marble Chiffon Cake with rich Chocolate Mousse.

    This ombre blueberry cake is everything. #food