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Commission: Lucius by mckadesinsanity.d... on @DeviantArt


    TO KILL A DEAD MAN by Estookin on DeviantArt

    One-eyed by

    Melancholy by on @DeviantArt

    EOC - Tobias Sarjevo by on @DeviantArt

    Warden Commander. On tumblr, please reblog from there instead of reposting, thanks.

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    Renaud Sonnac. People are usually scared of his vicious features but he's a kind hearted devoted Catholic.

    Cyberpunk Fardig 2 Mini by Fetscher.★ We recommend Gift Shop: ★ #Cyberpunk #Art #gosstudio

    Teague by on @DeviantArt

    Jorah II Blaknote-Regime son of Jorah Blacknote and Aliahna Regime. Born out of wedlock Blacknotes of Athenetica

    Desert GUY , Hicham Habchi on ArtStation at