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Culture & Civilization of English Speaking Countries II: The Tudor and Stuart Monarchs and some of the main events of thier reign


    All the Kings and Queens of England

    how much do we really know about these political powerhouses of the past? #history #historicalfacts

    British Monarchy - Georgian and Victorian Timeline | HistoryOnTheNet

    Georgian and Victorian 1714 - 1901 History Events Printable Timeline Poster

    British Monarchs

    Gli Arcani Supremi (Vox clamantis in deserto - Gothian): Tutto sull'araldica

    Henry VIII & his wives ~ finally and exhaustively! All we have to add is that these three Queens were relatives ( Boleyn, Howard, Parr), all these three could be beheaded (Parr was very close to execution and murder), all these three were, probably, the most beloved wives of Henry VIII of England.

    America before genocide

    The Egyptian God Family Tree (oh god. The lettuce story. That kills me everytime.)

    This is a printable history timeline poster covering the main events in the history of the Twentieth Century Three Columns show British Monarch, Event and Date Two files included - one for printing on A3 paper and one for printing on A4 paper No waiting for delivery simply purchase, download and print

    American History Timeline + Movie List…

    Did you know that you can actually take magic lessons in a castle, or sign a wall in the cafe where J.K. Rowling began to write the famous series? Potterheads who love history, fun book and movie facts, and endless amounts of Harry Potter memorabilia should — no, must — visit these themed spots all over the world. From majestic castles and train rides over rolling Scottish hillsides to historic hotels and secret wizarding shops, Muggles fulfilling this Harry Potter travel bucket list will be ent