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Natural branches for roosting: www.backyardchick...


    The very first time I laid eyes on Kraemer House, one of my first thoughts was where's the garden?  At some point there had been an apple orchard but no signs of an established garden space.  It to...

    Swinging Chickens: Make an Easy DIY Log Swing for your Run

    First there were the chickens. Now Martha has a whole menagerie. Meet the animals that call the farm their home.

    Awesome roosts.. Plenty of room for everyone. Mine love to go as high as they can get!

    Just a random online thread, but great idea for easy nesting boxes!

    what chicks?!?! too funny backyard chickens.

    How darling is this chicken coop? They have curtains! Love the old florals.

    The best chicken feeder ever - I made it out of PVC from Home Depot. No mess and a minimal footprint to maximize floor space in the chicken coop. by vera

    Fun way to identify your birds!  Charm Leg Bands are enjoyable to see on your feathered friends...

    If you ever get chickens, PLEASE, for the love of chicken happiness, get them a big 'ol tire, too.

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