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Natural branches for roosting: www.backyardchick...

    PVC pipe chicken feeders that can be filled without going inside the coop.

    Coop training chickens to roost and use nest boxes

    Caring for chickens in the winter

    by Rebecca Nickols I’m very excited to share this month’s “Coop Coop”. –  It’s full of unique features and gadgets that I know will inspire a lot of our readers. The solar powered aspect is innovative alone, but wait until you see the nesting boxes and coop door opener! Continue reading as Gale Thomas-Goodman describes …

    Grow Barley Fodder for chickens & rabbits - worth coming back to this blog, the guy is hilarious.

    Wing Clipping 101 - When to do it. How to do it. Why to do it. | The 104 Homestead #chickens #poultry #wings

    The backyard chickens movement towards self-reliance and sustainability is sweeping the nation. If you have been considering joining in and raising a small flock of your own, you will need to know the basics of chicken keeping and what they need to be happy and healthy.

    Easy to Make Nesting Boxes for Chickens - Chicken Egg Laying Boxes - Chicken Egg Production

    I like the piece of roofing over the entrance, which in lousy weather will help to keep the coop dry.

    Chicken mites & lice can literally suck the life out of your hens, killing egg production and possibly your flock. Get rid of them with these all-natural solutions.

    DIY Chick Brooder - its chick season, keep them warm! Want one of your own? Adopt today!

    Homemade suet cakes for chickens take less than 15 minutes to craft (and just pennies), but your hens will devour them! Organic, non-GMO DIY treats for reducing bad behaviors and boosting their heath. Yum!