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Natural branches for roosting: www.backyardchick...

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    Caring for chickens in the winter

    Grow Barley Fodder for chickens & rabbits - worth coming back to this blog, the guy is hilarious.

    The backyard chickens movement towards self-reliance and sustainability is sweeping the nation. If you have been considering joining in and raising a small flock of your own, you will need to know the basics of chicken keeping and what they need to be happy and healthy.

    I like the piece of roofing over the entrance, which in lousy weather will help to keep the coop dry.

    DIY Chick Brooder - its chick season, keep them warm! Want one of your own? Adopt today!

    DIY Chicken Coop Sun Deck - Your chickens will love this!

    outdoor perch for chickens - Google Search

    facile à cultiver bourrache a des avantages merveilleux de santé pour les poulets.

    If you ever get chickens, PLEASE, for the love of chicken happiness, get them a big 'ol tire, too. Apparently our chickens have a timeshare arrangement with this thing. Each gets to spend roughly 30 minutes a day alone in it, then it's the next lady's turn. Because, darkness. And quiet. And spiders. They never lay eggs in it, that's a big no-no between them. Gladys once laid an egg in the tire and was banned for life. You gotta respect the chicken rules, Gladys.

    Train your chickens to come when called, so you can let them out and get them in anytime you want. Also enables you to call them to safety when predators lurk. If you have multiple flocks, you can train each to come to a different call. Very helpful when you have new pullets free ranging with old flock, and need to get each flock to its own coop.

    Alfalfa, to Nourish and Entertain your Chickens