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Natural branches for roosting: www.backyardchick...

    DIY No Waste Feeder (might try this with 5-gallon buckets instead, since I have some of those.)

    The chickens are free to range in yards that are fenced and netted to protect them from hawks and climbing predators.

    How to treat wounds on chickens and water-fowl ~ by Nathalie Ross

    Proverbs Thirty One Woman website shares how to train chickens to be picked up, come when called, return to the chicken coop and stay out of the garden. If training your chickens lightens your homesteading chore work load…. that is amazing. Click here to read the article:

    Wing Clipping 101 - When to do it. How to do it. Why to do it. | The 104 Homestead #chickens #poultry #wings

    My girls love melon and will eat it seeds and all, leaving nothing but the thin lace shell of the cantalope

    Baby chicks playing with a healthy lettuce treat.

    This coop has so many practical features for keeping it clean. Really like this full-size door for complete access to interior! Lot's of photos, will be my main inspiration for design!

    This is the inside of our new chicken house.

    Fun way to identify your birds!  Charm Leg Bands are enjoyable to see on your feathered friends...

    The Homestead Survival | How To Build A Chicken Swing for Coop | Homesteading & Raising Chickens -