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Natural branches for roosting: www.backyardchick...

    Just a random online thread, but great idea for easy nesting boxes!

    Ways to entertain chickens when they're cooped up in the winter

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    Chicken Spa treatment. When it's realy hot take a shallow disposable pan, fill it with ice water and then sprinkle in some fresh herbs. The fresh herb make this absolutely irresistible. They enjoy standing in it, drinking from it and sampling cool refreshing treats.

    This is my chicken water feeder that I made that keeps the water fresh without making a mess and keeps the flies out. #chickens # crooks #chicken-coop

    How to Care for Chickens in the Winter- Winter is creeping in! Take these extra measures to keep your chickens safe and warm through the cold months ahead.

    Great idea for Bumble Foot .


    Baby chicks benefit from a time outdoors from a few days old, weather permitting. Create a stimulating, moveable playground and watch them play! Make one like my playground, or use what you have on hand to fashion something similar.:

    This is the inside of our new chicken house.

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