David Morse

Fri, 19 May 2017 20:44:22 +0000

Marlboro Man 1958 Cowboy 3 - Mad Men Art: The 1891-1970 Vintage Advertisement Art Collection

    1975 I hate everything about smoking and never have done it but I certainly remember these ads and the cute Marlboro Man!

    Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty

    Murad Cigarettes

    Lucky Strike At The Prom 1952

    1927 Ad Vintage Marlboro Cigarettes Philip Morris Tobacco Smoking Package Pack MILD AS MAY LOOOOOL

    Vintage converse advertisement basket ball

    1970's Awesome.

    1937. Chesterfield Cigarettes.

    Fizzies Orange flavor c. 1965 ▬ Please visit my Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/jolly.ollie.77

    1975 Advertisement Marlboro Man Cigarettes Cowboy by fromjanet

    W E L L ※ F E D

    old Texaco ad with bad science